Back in 2004 I accidently became the owner of a large antique print of St. Paul's Cathedral in London. It was nearly 3' by 2' and obviously special and it was engraved by Paul Fourdrinier. As I researched it I found that, while at least 200 copies had been produced, only five others could be found, all in major museums. 

From here I tried to find out everything I could about Paul and his life, but there is very little to go on. His birth, marriage children, death are all we have. No picture, no accounts, no diary, not even a will. And yet he interacted with many aristocrats and exciting projects. So eventually the biography evolved as a book about his life and works and the times in which he was set. The Forgotten Fourdrinier

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The book contains a list of his known works and their locations in museums and libraries across the UK and the USA. You can contact us for assistance by writing to 

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If you have any information about Paul, if you own any of his works, if you have any questions feel free to be in touch