Not a lot to tell really. I grew up in Streatham in South London. When I was 5 years old I became unique in my school in that I had to wear eye glasses. The other kids accepted this but of course gave me nicknames like "Prof". After a while I realized that because I wore glasses they expected to know things, so I started to pretend that I did and I have been pretending ever since.

Fast forward to 1970 and the next thing to happen to me was Margaret Thatcher. I was graduating from the University of Kent at Canterbury with a degree in History and my tutor had managed to get me a place at Cambridge to study modern European History under Professor Harry Hinsley for a Doctorate.  That summer the Conservatives led by Margaret Thatcher took office and the only thing they did in the first two months of their Government was to drastically cut back on advanced degree finance - so no Cambridge for me.

Through a friend I got into the Coal Industry, then moved over to Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) and began a business career which took me all over the world and ultimately settled near Buffalo NY.

My wife Donna and I now have our own advanced market research company and thanks is due to her for supporting this multiyear project and helping out in many ways.

Today we live in Lewiston NY and Estero FL with two wonderful cats